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Correllium SigilGreetings, and welcome to our Correllian Tradition homesite here in Australasian. We have spent many hours on this site, without sounding too much like our Mother Site, so we hope that you can spend a little time to browse around, and do visit us on a regular basis, as we will always be eternally updating this site.

As the Correllian Nativist Tradition is one of the fastest growing Traditions of Wicca in the world with Temples in the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and Denmark, and members in many other places including Peru, Brazil, and Hong Kong and Singapore, just to name a few - we will endeavour to bring to you the most updated sites available - with news, locations and traditional events.

So what is the Correllian Nativist Tradition, and what makes it different from other Wiccan Traditions?

Correllianism does put an unusually strong emphasis on the philosophical aspects of Wicca, and on the spirituality and inner mysteries of the Wiccan religion, but liturgically our beliefs do not especially differ from those of other Wiccan Traditions. Rather it is our attitudes toward the Pagan community and its future that tend to set us apart.

The Correllian Tradition is dedicated to the advancement of the Pagan people. We believe strongly in the need for increased communication and co-operation between Pagans everywhere, from all Traditions.

We stress the importance of the Pagan Clergy as teachers and facilitators, and the need for a strong public presence. The Correllian Tradition emphasizes celebratory as well as initiatory Wicca, and is strongly committed to accessible public ritual.

But here in Australasia it means more than this - it is the foundation of a much-sought traditional learning, offering a formal, yet personalised line of study. The Correllian Nativist Tradition of Wicca has enabled us to become the building blocks of things that are yet to come - with the service and support that we will and can offer - we are the future for all in our part of the world - we are the stepping stones for those who wish to follow our path, and a guiding light for those who wish to join us in our journeys. We have now the foundation for the future forming study-groups, shrines and temples within Australasia. And we are now becoming more and more accessible for all.


Our Mission:

We exist to provide a place for people to learn about and participate in the Wiccan religion, specifically the Correllian Nativist Tradition of Wicca, to give support, service and dedicated to advancing the Wiccan religion and community, particularly but not exclusively Correllian Wicca.

We hold rituals on the Sabbats and Esbats and other special occasions, in order to celebrate the seasons, we also work magic, recognise rites of passage, to offer a place of sacredness and a place of worship to ourselves, our members and to honor the Goddes and God.

We strive to teach Correllian Nativist Tradition of Wicca, our beliefs and traditional skills to members and students, both in the Craft and in kindred paths; and where appropriate, we endeavour to educate the general public about Wicca, in all aspects.

The Correllian Nativist Church Australasian Inc also provides, appoints, and ordains, Ritual Officers, Clergy, and Teachers for services within the Correllian Nativist Church Australasia Inc., and for this purpose to establish and maintain programs for their training and/or provide recognition for prior learning. Also working hard to provide benevolent and charitable services; to minister to human need in the name of our Gods and/or spiritual traditions.

We also work toward obtaining and developing permanent spiritual, sacred, and activity sites for followers and members of the Correllian Nativist Church Australasia Inc


Clerical Commitments:

All members of the Correllian Nativist Church Australasia Inc. have fully committed themselves to this purpose in their beliefs, their actions, and their lives. Ours is an open association/incorporation, and people are welcome at our public ceremonies. It requires no great commitment to attend and share the joy of the Goddess and God.


Members Affirmations:

We all live in a manner which honors the Polytheism of all aspects of Deity, whilst following the Wiccan Rede; "Do as you will, but harm none." We explore and practice Wiccan beliefs and traditions, with a primary focus on the traditions of the High-Correll family and to promote the religion, spirituality, and Culture of the Correllian Nativist Church Australasia Inc as a relevant and appropriate way of life in Australian Society.

We greatly support one another within the Correllian Nativist Church Australasia Inc in our healing, growth, and aspirations, whilst honoring the Earth and all Her creatures as sacred, and work to heal and protect the environment within our community, throughout our nation, and around the world.

We also Respect our Pagan clergy, especially but not exclusively Correllian Wiccan clergy, and we do not judge those that are not of our spiritual beliefs as we do believe that life is precious, and that all paths will indeed lead eventually to the same source.

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